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Technical Requirements

Computer Specifications

To view the list of basic computer specifications, please see the Canvas Guide


Internet Browser

Canvas supports the two most recent versions of all of the major Internet Browers.  


firefox-512.pngFirefox - Recommended

chrome-512.png Google Chrome
ie8-700.pngInternet Explorer 9+ - NOTE: Older versions of IE are unsupported





Clark College requires you to utilize your Clark Student email account. While Canvas allows you to put in other email accounts for notification purposes it is automatically tied to your student account and it may be the only email your instructor recognizes. For information regarding your Clark Student email account see here. For assistance with your email account call 992-2010. 



Adobe_Flash_Player_v10_icon.pngFlash Player - Used for Chat, Conferences, Media Comments and SpeedGrader

adobe-reader-logo.pngAcrobat Reader - Used to read course content in the PDF format

Java_logo.svg.pngJava - Used for screen sharing with the Conference tool



Canvas works with various mobile devices. IMPORTANT: While Canvas is functional on Mobile devices the use of the Mobile Apps do not offer the same level of experience or security as connecting on a desktop or a laptop computer. We strongly recommend that you complete any assignment, test, or quiz on a more stable internet connection with a desktop or laptop. For instructions using these mobile devices see the links below:


 Other than an Internet Browser typically the bare minimum software you will need is a word processing software. The standard word processor used by the majority of Clark College is Microsoft Word. If you do not own this software you can purchase it for a discounted student price at the Clark College Bookstore

Some courses will require you to purchase course-specific software or "keys" to access online software. These are typically listed as textbook requirements and available through the Clark College Bookstore